Overheard at the 19th hole:

“My old Gateway has been around forever. It’s got popups. It’s slow. I know I should replace it, but my life is on it. How would I move my files to a new one anyway?

So, over Christmas week it dies. Screen is black. Nothing.

My photos, taxes, email — everything is on there. I thought it was backed-up. There is a little hard drive on the floor under my desk. Wires are all tangled down there. It hasn’t been plugged-in for a while. It’s covered with dust and cat fur. Does dust hurt it?

Long story short; I hear about a kid who’s this brilliant geek, right? Maybe he’s a hacker. I don’t care. He’s home from school on Christmas break. He comes over and gets it working. I’m thinking, this is really good.

He charges me $75. I’m thinking, this is a really good deal. Does he know what computer bandits around here charge? I get him out the door fast before he figures it out.

I’m like, dancing around sayin’, Yes! Yes! Yes! Score! I so nailed this. Then, I make cocktails.

Next day I boot up — no password. My username is User. I thought it had Windows 10. Or was it Apple? But now the screen says Windows XP. Is that possible? A stupid cartoon dog keeps bugging me too. What’s that about?

Turns out, the kid wrote nothing down. Passwords? I never wrote them down. I don’t remember them either.

There’s no files, no pictures, no email, zip. Email doesn’t work on my phone anymore either. Top it off, the kid has already gone back to school — semester abroad."