Hey QTIPS! If I delete a photo from my phone, will it delete from my computer?

A: Yes. Sort of.

When you delete a photo in your iOS Photos app, it is actually moved to the Recently Deleted folder within the Photos app. The next time iCloud syncs the copy of that photo on your Mac will likewise move to its Recently Deleted folder.

If you want to restore the deleted photo, go to your Photos app on your Mac: View > Library > Recently Deleted folder. From within the Recently Deleted folder select the photo, then tap Recover (or Delete to permanently remove) the selected image file.

This function works much the same with iCloud Photos on the web, Photos app for iOS and iPadOs, and Windows (with iCloud for Windows utility installed).

Unless you permanently delete the contents of the Recently Deleted folder, photos will remain in your iCloud photo library for up to 40 days before they are automatically permanently removed.

Even then, all may not be lost. You might still recover a copy of that photo of you sporting a designer lamp shade at last year’s office party from a Time Machine backup or from the thoughtful colleague who posted it to social media.

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