You know this already, but it’s worth saying again; a little planning goes a long way when tackling projects that involve more than a few simple steps to complete. The following tips, when reviewed before starting, will expedite setup of computer equipment:

  • Refrain from unboxing your new computer and printer until setup time. Keep receipts and shipping documents.
  • Back up your old computer data to cloud storage and/or external hard disk.
  • List your accounts and passwords (print the attached PDF template if it’s helpful)
  • Clear your computer desk and immediate surrounding area of unrelated items, furniture, etc. that will impede progress. (a clean, dust-free and clutter-free work area makes the job much easier and go faster)
  • Arrange sufficient safe and stable electrical power for your computer, printer, peripheral devices, internet modem, network router, and lighting. Good quality surge protected power strips are recommended.
  • Provide adequate lighting and ventilation during setup and subsequent use of your computing equipment.

So, put the family pet outside to play. Turn on some nice music. Keep a note pad and pen handy. Don’t rush. You’ll be up and running in no time.