A pen doesn't have to be mighty to be praise-worthy. At the right time and place a simple pen can help capture big ideas. Keep a pen close by, you never know when inspiration might occur.

Photo ©John Suiter, Poets on the Peaks
While on the road, on a hike, attending a meeting, talking on the phone or anytime a fleeting thought or new idea comes to mind, jot it on a scrap, roll or booklet of paper.

Then pick what happens to your notes:

A. You remember everything and toss your notes out.
B. You remember most things, but wisely put notes in your pocket. Then lose them in the washing machine.
C. You remember a few things, but capture all your notes as cell phone photos.

Congratulations! You picked C. Now, you can arrange your favorite photos among captured notes, lists, ideas, sketches into compelling digital photo albums. Think of your annotated digital photo albums as photo essays, letters to your great-grandchildren, or as a new twist on Instagram stories.

Months and years from now when you and others reflect on your photos, your handwritten notes will enrich the stories your pictures tell.

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