I’ve done it. It’s a bit awkward. You’ve probably done it too.

While talking with a friend, a topic comes up that prompts the blurtation "I have a great picture of that!"

Then while fumbling the Photos app I scroll thousands of pictures saying, "oh, I just saw it last week. Wait a sec, I’ll find it again". The friend looks furtively one way, then the other, for escape.

Sharing photos in person doesn't have to be awkward. This simple QTIP will help you and others enjoy the moment. Pick Favorites.

This scanned 35mm slide was originally taken on July 20, 1969. Do you have original snapshots, slides or video that you'd like digitized?**
The Photos app on your iPhone, iPad and macOS computer has a Favorites button. It’s a heart. Tap the heart button on any photo to add (tag) it to your Favorites album. Add as many pictures as you like.
As with photos taken with your smart phone or digital camera, scanned slides and prints can also be easily added to your Favorites album.

My (currently 291) Favorites change from time to time. New Favorites are added with a tap, some are removed (but not deleted) that way too. Your Favorites album syncs with your computer and mobile devices.

Google Photos app for Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Chrome browser for macOS and Windows has a similar Favorites feature. Tap the star on any photo and it’s instantly added to your Google Photos Favorites album.

Your Favorites album is the simple, quick and fumble-free way share great pictures in person.

© Quentin Leo