Hey QTIPS: When I get a new computer should I use a migration utility to transfer my data and settings from the old one?

QTIPS: No. Next?

It’s not that Apple’s Migration Assistant or other similar utility is bad software. Actually it works pretty well. Microsoft’s migration tool works very well too.

But, chances are that you needed a new computer because the old one wasn’t working well. Among the reasons the old one wasn't working well may that it was clogged with cruft*.

Why then would you want to migrate that cruft bit for bit to your brand new computer?

My advice. Start fresh. Move step by step through the set up process. Enter accounts and passwords correctly the first time. Install only the current versions of apps that you need. Restore only the data that you need. Leave the rest on a backup drive.

Start fresh and you’ll love your new computer from its first boot up.

*Cruft is outdated computer code, infected downloads, old system files, corrupted files, internet garbage. Too much cruft is bad.

©Quentin Leo