This QTIP deals with an annoyance that may merely be a "first world problem" for most iTunes customers.

However, if you among the few and the brave who must account for some or all of your iTunes Store purchases this tax season, you may find yourself asking "how do I search and print my purchase history?"

For your amusement or amazement, text of a recently posted Apple support request on the topic appears below.


The process of searching, downloading and printing iTunes Store purchase history is REALLY awkward. It seems designed to discourage customer inquiry or use.

Here are the steps I just worked through (seriously) in order to save my 2014 purchase history:

  1. Log into iTunes Store account
  2. Navigate to Purchase History
  3. Press Command-Shift-4 to select a screen capture of the list showing some recent purchases
  4. Click Previous or Next button (click Next for earlier purchases, click Previous for later purchases. Really.)
  5. Press Command-Shift-4 to select a screen capture of the next list
  6. Repeat (8x for me) until desired lists have been captured as screen shots (or until you walk away in disgust)
  7. Then open all .png screen capture image files in Preview
  8. Export all image files to .pdf
  9. Open newly exported .pdfs
  10. In Preview’s thumbnail view combine .pdfs into one file (see Preview Help for this)
  11. Click and drag .pdfs into a coherent order (optional)
  12. Save and rename .pdf (printing optional)
  13. Log out of iTunes Store

I hope this is useful. Have a swell day


Apologies to iTunes for Windows customers who may have to translate these Mac OS X instructions into their own tribal OS dialect.

iOS-only iTunes Store customers are really out of luck.